Renewably Powered Wastewater Treatment

IWT has identified the combination of solar power with advanced waste treatment technologies as key for cost effective, decentralized, self-powered wastewater treatment. The REGENTM wastewater treatment system is an affordable and environmentally sustainable option for.

  • Military Operations
  • Disaster Relief
  • Remote Commnities (incl. mining operations)
  • Integration with existing lagoon treatment infrastructure
REGEN’s Solution and Competitive Advantage:

REGENTM is the only wastewater technology that improves treatment processes resulting from its advanced composite polymer materials that increase biofilm productivity.
A distribution model with a “drop in” solution allows for cost effective execution using low energy inputs and bio-electric sensors for increased control of treatment processes surpassing any existing technology.
This patented process design removes complexity from the treatment process given its reduced operational requirement, reduced failure modes and extended life span.


Manufacture and Assembly


Dimensions 20' x 8' x 8' 40' x 8' x 8' 20' x 8' x 8' 40' x 8' x 8'
Flow Capacity (L/day) 18,750 37,500 37,500 75,000
Person Equivalent (PE) 75 150 150 300
Aeration Energy Usage (kWh/m3 wastewater) 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5
Routine Operation and Manitenance Requirements Monthly 2-hr check up Monthly 2-hr check up Bi-weekly Bi-weekly
Standard Effluent (BOD/TSS) 15/15 15/15 15/15 15/15
On-site Requirements Upfront holding capacity Upfront holding capacity Upfront holding capacity Upfront holding capacity
Optional UV integration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Optional Solar Powered Operation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Optional Remote Online Connectivity Yes Yes Yes Yes

Key Product Benefits

  • Stand-alone self-powered wastewater treatment
  • Low energy / electricity requirements
  • Bio-sensors allow for remote communication
  • Locational flexibility (independent of grid electrical connection)
  • Minimal on-site preparation – 1 to 2 days
  • Minimal operations and management – Approximately 1 local staff can manage the system
  • Training will be given in client location and or Canada
  • Technical support from IWT will be given from client location and or Canada
  • Producing clean water suitable for drip irrigation
  • Fixed Film treatment results in reduced bio-solids production (reduces sludge collection).

Economic Benefit:

  • Save costs associated with collection of wastewater
  • Save “tippage” costs on wastewater treatment
  • Produce stream of water for re-use (drip-irrigation)
  • Modular, containerized design – low CapEx
  • Remote monitoring and control – low OpEx

Who needs REGEN?

  • Integrated fixed film (IFAS) waste water treatment
  • Single-pass, low energy treatment process
  • Solar powered operation
  • Locational flexibility (independent of grid electrical connection)
  • Bio-sensors for remote monitoring and control

How Does it Work


  • Disaster relief, remote communities, communities looking to upgrade or enhance existing lagoon treatment infrastructure
  • 1 REGEN TM module can support from 75 to 250 people.
  • Modular design allows for low-cost expansion of treatment capacity for upwards of 1,000 people
  • If you currently have wastewater associated costs > $70,000 / annum (ROI 7 – 10 years)
  • Provides stream of water for re-use (i.e. drip irrigation).

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