The ClearPod™ system is an environmentally sustainable
solution for septic system wastewater treatment that
significantly improves the performance of your septic system.

Economic benefit – Increased leach-field life time
By improving the performance of the septic system we reduce the contaminants passing to the leach field, reducing clogging and increasing the effectivness and  lifespan. With comparative septic solutions ranging from $7,000 – 15,000 and replacement leach-fields costing upwards of $25,000, the ClearPod™ system is the clear answer for enhanced septic system technology.

Environmental benefit – Improved water quality effluent
Our ClearPod system was developed to be capable of removing >90% of contaminants (including Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphate) resulting in improved groundwater and local waterway quality.

How it Works



Drop the ClearPod™ system into your tank.


Airpumps increase the activity of microbes and promotes nitrogen cycling, removing it from the system.


The Mesh provides a home for a much higher density of microbes that can remove more nutrients from the waste.


Because of the increased activity of these microbes, the water leaving the system is cleaner meaning your leach field will last significantly longer.


Because of the increased activity of these microbes, the water leaving the system is cleaner meaning your leach field will last significantly longer.

Watch how it works!


Dimensions 18” x 18” x 34”
Flow Capacity (L/day) 1250 (per unit)
Person Equivalent (PE) 4-6
Aeration Energy Usage (kWh/m3 wastewater) 0.5
Routine Operation and Manitenance Requirements Annual 2-hr check up
Standard Effluent (BOD/TSS) 25/25
On-site Requirements Access to septic/holding tank
Optional UV integration No
Optional Solar Powered Operation Yes
Optional Remote Online Connectivity Yes

Key Product Benefits

  • Low energy/electricity requirements
  • Chemical-free
  • Minimal on site preparation
  • Improved system performance
  • Improved water quality


How do I get the ClearPod system into my septic tank?

The system can be easily dropped into the first chamber of a typical 2-chambered septic system. The system has a maximum diameter of18” allowing for easy integration with current septic systems which have opening ports ranging from (20 – 24”).

How long will the ClearPod system last?

The ClearPod™ system is designed for robust and reliable operation. The system is designed without any moving parts and the internal fixed-film biological community will regenerate without the addition of additional supplements. By adhering to the ClearPod™ annual servicing we predict the system will operate over extended time periods (> 10 years) without system failure.

How do I check my ClearPod system is working?

Once successfully installed the ClearPod™ system is designed to work over a 12 month period without servicing. To check if your system is continuing to work, 1. listen for the pump, 2. check inside your septic system for air bubbling. If no bubbles are present, check your power source to ensure the pump is working properly.

How much electricity will the ClearPod system use?

The ClearPod™ system uses energy efficient, low power (6 – 11W) pumps, resulting in very low electricity costs ($1 – 3 / month). Typical usage would equate to 8 kWh / month (@ 20c kWh) = $1.60.

How often will I need to pump my septic system when the ClearPod system is installed?

The system should be pumped the same as was previously carried out by the homeowner. We recommend that septic systems are emptied every 2 – 3 years. When pumping the system be sure to move the ClearPodTM unit clear of any pumping equipment used by the on-site technician.

How will the ClearPod system deal with heavy snow?

The ClearPod™ air pump will require a constant supply of air to successfully deliver oxygen to the septic system. In the case of heavy snow fall you will have to either momentarily turn off your system or simply cover the system and allow air delivery to the pump.