ClearPod – IWT spin-out technology validated for enhanced septic system performance

Drop-in septic solution for enhanced septic system scientifically validated to produce effluent less than 30 mg/L BOD and TSS and improve leachfield performance.

In the U.S. and Canada approximately 25% of households have a septic system for treating wastewater. These systems typically fail after 20 – 30 years of operation, equating to over one million septic systems failing each year in the U.S. alone.

Standard septic system technology functions by settling solids from the waste water stream in an anaerobic environment. Failing to correctly maintain the system or significantly increasing the load to the system raises the risk of failure dramatically.

Current solutions for the replacement or repair of failing septic systems can become a significant cost burden for the homeowner. The ClearPodTM solution is designed as the low-complexity, robust solution for enhancing and restoring the performance of existing septic systems. ClearPodTM technology is designed as a drop-in retro-fit solution to enhance septic system performance. Leveraging an aerobic, fixed film treatment process the system aims to increase the performance of the system by reducing soluble BOD and TSS concentrations in the wastewater effluent.

In the continued scientific validation of the ClearPodTM technology we have most recently installed a test system at the  Buzzards Bay Test Facility (Massachusetts, USA). We worked with the test center to develop a rigorous test protocol that compared test and control septic systems – evaluating septic system influent, effluent and leachfield performance.

Barnstable Test Data











Barnstable Test Data - Ponding



This work clearly demonstrated the ability of the ClearPodTM technology to enhance the removal of sBOD, TSS and fecal coliforms while also improving the hydraulic flow through the leachfield. For a copy of the full report see here.




“As a company we are committed to developing solutions in the on-site space that are rigorously tested and validated by the leading testing centers. We see these results as clear validation of a low-complexity solution that delivers a high level of treatment and clear benefit to the end-user.”   Patrick Kiely – CEO